Monday, October 24, 2005


Fieldtrip 1:

1) IMM.
Where it resembles Malaysia cos of the chapalang shops.
Where in Giordano, swallowapple expressed explicitly that yellow was not for geognut.
Where all of us were tempted by the colours of Giordano.

2) Sungei Buloh.
Where we spotted crabs on trees.
Where the water stinks.. (blame Malaysia?)
Where we almost got preyed upon by buayas (huge monitor lizards)!
Where we tried to spot the (common) birds with our ears.
Where we discovered that the white birds often spotted at NIE are egrets, not herons.

3) Kranji War Memorial
Where we lay on the carpet grass in front of Benjamin Sheares' tomb.
Where we reflected upon serious stuff in the serenity of the place.

4) Sime (Si Mi) river
Where we chanced upon a 'stream'.
Where we trekked and possibly disturbed the flow of the river.
Where we observed the confluence, meander and point bars (?) of the river.
Where we met uncommon monkeys and were glad we had our visa cards with us.

5) Labrador Park
Where it is interesting during low tide when the seagrass and other identifiable stuff are revealed.
Where we spotted bedding plains, joints, notches, etc.
Where we observed a snail showing off its bottom.
Where we filmed a worm on geognut's finger.
Where we caught a glance at a starfish.
Where the Gents is designed in such a way that the public can see the guys pee through an opague screen.
Where Charlie Chaplin and the angels were spotted.
Where the orh-bit First Choice umbrella was broken.
Where there's a carpark specially reserved for hanky panky couples.

6) Xi Hu restaurant
Where the kong ba pau made our day.
Where the uniform resembles some PE attire in school.

Field Trip 2:

1) Thomson Plaza
Where it resembles Malaysia cos of orh-bit clothes, orh-bit music, etc.
Where BK's whoooper burger can be "zao3 can1, wu3 can1, wan3 can1"!
Where the doggie statue gave swallowapple a fright.
Where water splashing in the toilet emerges into the public.

2) Venus Drive river.
Where the river is easily spotted.
Where the meanders are pronounced with sea cliffs and slip-off slopes.
Where the erosional and depositional processes are clear.
Where tapiocas grow rampantly.
Where people can make a spoof or a home-made movie of "Chu Lu" during the Japanese Occupation.
Where hermits can live and survive on tapioca, bananas, fish and rear a cow for banana milkshake.
Where mean uncles go there to trap poor birdies.
Where you can imagine rolling hills of England.

3) Lower Peirce Reservoir and Canal.
Where there's a pub. (read: Public Utilities Board)
Where a little sidetrack off the main path leads you through an interesting path then to a clearing.
Where you can spot families of monkeys.
Where monitor lizards do not prey on you like in SUngei Buloh.
Where turtles are either overturned to sun-tan, or tightly snucked up some hole in the canal.
Where geognut and myself surveyed the canal and jogged in the canal.
Where despite our bestest efforts to free the turtle from the hole, we failed.
Where poor geognut injured his hands in the process, but he likes pain, so... Hee.
Where we saved the overturned turtle instead.
Where we were all drenched in the pouring rain.
Where swallowapple and chouchou did unglam things in the toilette.

4) Upper Peirce Reservoir
Where there are no dustbins.
Where a wedding photographer went "Ni ai lao po mah?" while getting the couple to pose.
Where the scenery resembles some place in France.

5) Seletar Bottled Tree Club?
Where a police car jia4 zhua2 nearby.
Where you see the sea upfront.
Where geognut will bring his future (part-time?) girlfren to pat-tuo.

6) Sembawang Solo...
Where you can 'corn' yourself into thinking you are in Aussie cos of Canberra.
Where you jump out of your dream cos there's no Bengawan Solo in Aussie.
Where it also resembles Malaysia.

If everywhere in Singapore other than town resembles Malaysia... isn't that very sad?
But I'm glad we managed to discover so many interesting places, albeit kampong-ish, and had so many adventures!
It's fun to play with people of the same interests and dun go "xiao ah!"or ignore you when you suggest something out of the ordinary.
Looking forward to creating more memories despite the end of Friday Geog lessons...


  • At 5:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 8:07 pm, Blogger Chouchou ch'boogie said…

    Kudos to bananelephant and geognut/orangeskittles, for your heroic attempt to turtle(s)-rescue, which's been rather understated in the blog! Heh.

    Actually thought Si Mi river was more fun - somehow it really makes a lot of difference when you get your hands dirty.

    Certainly hope we'll remain crazily fun in future, even as Geog classes finish! =)

  • At 9:21 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    Can we all please pronounce the river as Sime? Rhymes with Dime!!!!

    I think that I had fun either way but well Sime River is more exclusive since less people will actually see it. Plus the river (stream) is actually more natural and for me, brought back a lot of good memories!

  • At 11:06 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    Oh it's called Bottle Tree Village.

  • At 9:25 pm, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    Oh! No wonder it sounded so weird! =)

    What say we all go there and have dinner one day? And hang out by the sea...

    "Hey NIE Geog class! What say we keep up the dinner outings even after Friday Geog lessons come to an end??"

  • At 9:42 pm, Blogger Hermit said…

    Wah... you gals so happening!
    And yah... I agree with Geognut that Sime road river is quite exclusive. Thanks to our JC teacher - that's our "Mecca" for Geog fieldtrips.

    About terrapins... I believe I told a similar story to all the "huang-lian pos" - though it has a very tragic ending. ;P

  • At 8:59 am, Blogger Janinah said…

    hey hey bananasaviour thks for the banana. :) it sure made my day.

    dun worry about me k, i promise i am going to be alright! going to survive being here anyway.

    haha as i told u b4- never say die rite? *infinite supply of energizer batteries*

  • At 10:44 pm, Blogger S W said…

    Sounds like 2 very productive and fun days!
    Yum yum. Dinner is good! As long as those datelines are over!
    And we should all go for outings together!
    Want to go top of Singapore, or the end of Singapore, I wan to go also. :D


  • At 9:38 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    SW: top of singapore is bt timah...eeeee.

    End of Singapore: Pasir Ris? Tuas? Sentosa?

  • At 11:36 am, Blogger S W said…

    What's up with your eeeee's with Bukit Timah hill? :P It's nice. Lots of malau there. Can see see quarry also. Can see see trees and lianas and epiphytes also. :)

    Hmmm, should have used all nooks and crannies instead of end la. :)
    You really should be awarded a tourguide license. :D
    Anyway, anywhere I also wan to go! Count me in pls, pls....


  • At 1:19 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    SW: Yes I wonder what the heck I am doing teaching when I should be a tour guide. I love history anyway and some here might say, I belong to the "other generation" who knows about Singapore which the younger generation do not know about.

    Top of Bt Timah eeeeeeee because well, no challenge to go there plus been there so many times until sian liao heh.

    Want to explore, must explore new "landscapes" mah. So if anybody can throw in any suggestions, it will be great.

    Just please don't say "anything".


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