Saturday, October 15, 2005

Food and saga seed

A conversation that took place in a car last nite.

Number of snails "killed'' by someone who is apparently too light to effectively squash them.
New theory: Snails become slugs when they lose their shell, and can find another shell to continue living.
Which led to...

The topic of exotic "fear factor" food.
1) Escargot (Local vs French) vs River snails (Vietnam)
The difference between the escargot and the river snail is that the former is probably well-fed with nutrients and vitamins for all we know... and the latter just jia4 sai4. Hee.
For the french escargot, go "Bonjour!" and eat it, then finish off with an "Ooh lala!" (The supposed French way of eating escargots... haha!)
2) "Gong3 gong3", "la1 la1" and "zu4 zu4" which can be found in normal BBQ seafood stalls
3) Rabbit meat. (The cute ones are more yummy. Use the fur to make your handbag.)
4) Frog meat.
How to kill a frog? Jenny suggests using a wooden plank and walloping it.
Frog dish: chouchou's 'favourite'. Frog porridge, with frog still in whole form, in the pot of porridge. (This image has stayed in my mind ever since it was mentioned and chouchou just reinforces it from time to time! Heh.
5) Lizard tongue.
Lizard tongue is supposed to be long right? Since it needs it to catch its prey. But Luke Luke chomped on his prey... without using his tongue. What a nimble one he is! =) Yeah, so lizard tongue, curled up like a ball of noodles was suggested. With dead flies as its garnishing.
6) Live octopus tentacles from Korea.
They stick to your tongue right? So imagine your friend is sitting beside you and you open your mouth... such that the tentacles pop out and whack his/her face.

The next part of the conversation stemmed from news that in China, they are tattooing pigs as part of art. So as not to waste the pig skin.... some suggestions of further uses have been made. Hee. Synthesis. Some other suggestions for uses of pig skin other than for consumption include pig skin bag and pig skin mat/rug. Especially the roasted pork skin. Crispy bag you'll have! With cool and artistic texture. Could have pork floss as decoration... like laces on the outside or to lay the inside of the bag. And when you are hungry, just eat your bag. How cool is that? =)

K enuff of this. Dinner time soon.

Let me proceed on to talk about a particular saga seed.
Origin: Fort Siloso, Sentosa
It was taken out of a wallet and reintroduced to the world again. This time not in some nature area on an offshore island, but on mainland Singapore, in an ice-cream cafe. I think it really fulfilled its purpose in life last nite (other than reproduce?) when it provided much joy for a couple of people. Saga Seed took on various roles. First as a mini finger soccer ball, which chouchou tried 'cheem' moves with... but of cos... still missed the goalie! Haha! Second as a gor3 li4 to be popped into the cup when the cup was moving. Third Saga Seed almost ended up as topping for ice-cream. All in all, it must have had such an exciting time that it must feel so accomplished. That is, assuming it isn't suffering from serious concussion and paralysis from the frequent falls, jumps and bounces it underwent!
Final resting place: In chouchou's hands. For better or for worse? Hmmm...


  • At 11:39 pm, Blogger Chouchou ch'boogie said…

    Gee, in case ppl misunderstand, i actually really can't stand frog legs in any form anymore, esp after looking at pictures of the frog farm in jurong...

    Saga is in good hands of course. It's currently in the roomier/emptier (read: broke-er) wallet of mine, resting for its next goalie game...

  • At 11:51 pm, Blogger S W said…

    Yeeewwww!!! Gross!
    Me, the frog porridge lover, am so grossified by the way you described it. Hmm...maybe time to fight that addiction off?

    anyway, back to your message. Was talking more from a student's point of view la. So, my thoughts could be very skewed. You have the overall pict mah. :) With regards to its length, hmmmm, has to do with it being the one and only field trip experience I will ever get to have, before I go to schools. So... :)



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