Saturday, September 10, 2005

A day at NIE

I bought my Apple ibook today. YAY!! Finally. Thanks to superlambanana for clearing my doubts.

My creative mp3 went scuba-diving and drowned.
Hence I was in a little foul mood in the morning and got irritated at comments by 2 boys in class. Argh. And then it was topped off by the ringing of the New York bell by our tutor. Reminded me of what Ray said about us being cows going "moooooo" when the bell rang. Argh! Got so much on my nerves I wanted to smash that innocent-looking toy! When it ended up in my hands, I twisted the wire in it so that it would ring no more. Not a permanent damage though. I'm not up to that kind of malice. Hee. (I think the tutor got the idea, cos she no longer rang it.)

But at the next class, I got even more irritated by the tutor who spoke in spurts about various stuff. She doesn't organise her thoughts before she speaks. And talks about different unrelated things all the time, when we are supposed to be working on our presentations. And if you ask her a question, she goes one whole big round and sometimes you end up at the same point if you are lucky. If not, you end up at Pasir Ris, if initially you were at Ang Mo Kio! I thought maybe it's just me being in a foul mood. But then I talked to my classmates and realised that they had all switched off and had not listened to a single thing she had said. And this isn't the first time. I must make conscious effort to make sure I never become like her.

But my day improved when I rushed to buy my ibook and had a little rest and social interaction before class. Thanks to buddy who SMSed me thru out the day to keep me sane too!

I really enjoyed Geog class today. There were many tips and pointers which I am happy to learn about. Such as tutor K's basketball moves in teaching grid references. I will try that myself. For 4-digit grid reference, first you dodge to the right (easting), then u jump up (northing). I guess for 6-digit, you can dodge to the right, jump up and then try to aim for the basket. Instead of jumping a little to the right, which I cannot fathom why. Yet. And bringing in the decimal analogy for 6-digit references. Like 44 'point' 6, 55 'point' 3. But we have to remember to remove the decimal terminology once the students internalize the idea, before they get it stuck into their heads!

K shall go for lunch.


  • At 4:14 pm, Blogger voyager said…

    congratulations on your iBook :-)

    i'm very happy for you :-)

    (thank you for pointing out my lack of sufficient clarity about the basketball move for the 6-fig grid ref. i'm not a basketball player, lah... so i don't know how to "aim for the basket". that's what i was trying to do :-P )


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