Saturday, October 08, 2005

10 ppl went to Tiong Bahru for dinner. Tiong Bahru is a historical site man! It was like a history field trip! The housing, the restaurant's setting, the fans, the verandas, the streets, the backlanes, etc. Where we sat, it felt like we were transported back into time where ppl used to hold their wedding dinners in the open. And then some drunks would come and make trouble... and then the violent breaking of the beer-bottles scenario would take place, followed by a clash of the parangs in the backlanes. But that aside, dinner was fun and refreshing after a long week.

Just some interesting snippets from dinner.
- The youngest of us all is getting married! Wow!
- It's cheap to get married. Only $20 for certification.
- The slim girls rule at rice consumption!
- A 'fort' built around a certain special someone to prevent her from falling off her chair. =)
- Someone who had an "invisible" boyfriend and someone looking for a part-time girlfriend were "paired" up.
- No one dares to eat the last piece of food left on the plate.

Now for the next part of the story.
3 girls entered a particular restroom and waited outside 3 cubicles. They stood there for a whole 5 minutes chatting happily... while a stranger stood in line behind them. Suddenly one of them wondered aloud, "Why is it taking so long?" and subsequently gave the cubicle door a slight push. And lo and behold! It pushed opened! The cubicle was EMPTY! And you know what? ALL 3 cubicles were EMPTY! =)) They all denied that they were teachers-to-be.

Afterward they proceeded to the playground with a friend. They hopped onto the flying-fox-like swings and started on their ride. Alas, it was too slow for their liking. No loss to the 1 girl who wore a skirt. And one particular law of physics was proved wrong! Bigger size does not translate into faster speed on the swing! =) Then they tried entertaining themselves on obstacle-like balancing beams and certain wooden-stools... and even tried to fling each other off some swingy thingy and some jostling table-like thing. NIE trainees. 1 girl wanted to climb the spider-web, but resisted the temptation, cos her friend was in skirt. Hee.

Next pit stop was MacDonald's. This was educational. We watched a live nature 'documentary'. We observed how a particular lizard planned its attack strategy and preyed on a fly. We saw how it tried various techniques and finally ingeniously hopped near the fly and happily chomped it up. It was a cute light-coloured lizard with pretty "fingers" (fingerlings?) and toes. I think I shall name it Luke. Dunno why too. But we did launch into a little discussion about how you can't kill lizards and how their tails drop and they are freaky. But Luke Luke was cute. =)

To end the whole episode, we toured Singapore in Mr Zhuai's (nah, he's not THAT zhuai...) car and boy, is he a good tourguide! We went "Singapore-Malaysia-Malaysia-Singapore" when we crossed a railway track. We even entered Malaysia-like environment in unfamiliar territory! Had our feel of the built-up environment and the somewhat rustic feel of Singapore. Singapore might be small, but there is so much we don't know about!

Oh well, it was an interesting episode. I hope there are more to come!


  • At 11:11 pm, Blogger swallowapple said…

    wow....tat's an interesting account of an eventful post-geog-lesson on friday... :-)

    haahaa...that 3 silly teachers... no wonder they refuse to admit they are teachers-to-be... :-)

  • At 11:27 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    Eh it's not true that nobody dared to eat the last piece of food on each plate leh, I did what.

    Laws of physics my gluteus maximus ah....hahah proven wrong!

    Yeah sometimes I think that I should be a tour guide rather than a cher hah!

  • At 1:16 am, Blogger Chouchou ch'boogie said…

    Interestingly today we travelled the opp direction past seletar reservoir, so Rapunzel got to see it in the daylight.

    Rapunzel-behind-the-fort also was fascinated (and also disgusted) at the preying scene enacted by Luke Luke. Could almost hear the crunching noises of LL chewing his prey...

    Also Rapunzel satisfied her ice-cream craving today, although she still wants to try the one at PV =)

  • At 8:56 pm, Blogger Janinah said…

    sorry to disappoint u.. i found out that getting a flat doesn't mean the appliants need to produce the marriage cert yet. so the $20 can be saved first! haha. a teeny weny nest egg.
    more dinners to come in the future? ooh looking fwd to them!can we all go for dessert too? we all look like we can do with some dessert. besides it will surely boost geognut's gluteaus maximus! to no ends!:-)

  • At 10:16 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    Oohhhh... boost my glutes? Hmm...I think everywhere else is boosted except my glutes leh hah!

    For fridays, the most feasible plan will be to eat zi char at Sin Ming and head on down to Icekimo for ice cream since that place is the main ice cream place that opens till late.

  • At 11:00 pm, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    Woohoo!! Near my place!! =))

    But not feasible for everyone else lah. And anyway me sian of Sin Ming liao... though the food is really quite nice. Hee. Can eat other kinds of dessert what... dun need to be ice-cream rite?

    Hee. Why is everyone so 'mesmerised' with geognut's gluteus maximus??

  • At 9:37 am, Blogger geognut said…

    Who's the one always tooting the horn and saying that the zi char place at Sin Ming is more delicious?

    Ice cream is therapeutic mah, the nice cool dessert calms my rattled nerves and the sugar makes me high (though its effect is not as bad on me than on SJ hah).

    Yah I wonder why people talk abt my glutes so much...

  • At 11:24 am, Blogger jenny said…

    hey bananasaviour! u forgot to mention the retro lady walking out of nowhere. she totally completed the entire mood of the place :) and yes, i have the dubious honour of eating the most rice that night. people are gg to have a hard time telling me they ate more salt than i ate rice huh? laaaame! i know. but who cares! :)

  • At 2:38 pm, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    Oh yah! That retro woman! Was she in pink or purple? Had a head scarf and an oldie dress. Totally fitted into the oldie atmosphere! Was telling Zhenyi that someone might have paid her to walk up and down to add to the ambience! =)

    Hee. Where does all the rice go?? Do you leave them along the way so that you can find your way back like in Hansel and Gretel? =)

  • At 8:45 pm, Blogger jenny said…

    think she was in pink..but the scarf around the head! wow. hehe i haf no idea where all tt rice goes! but yeah maybe i've been leaving trails subconsciously...i didnt really like tt fairy tale. how did it end huh? gruesome rite?

  • At 3:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 9:27 am, Blogger chien said…

    yes tiong bahru rocks!

    and is the girl who wanted to climb the spiderweb who i think she is? =)

  • At 5:02 pm, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    I think I know what you are thinking, B2.


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