Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jo's micro-teaching

Level: Sec 1 Express
Topic: Rocks
Strategy: Rock samples and worksheet

In Jo's class, everyone seemed to have some pent-up energy which was bursting to be released! I myself was hyper-active (yeah, forgot to take my ADHD medicine!) and even the usually guai ones seemed to be on cloud nine and broke loose! Hahah! Mebbe it was a Fri, and the beginning of a supposed break... I dunno.

But poor Jo was left with so little time she had to start in the middle of the class. And then there were technical difficulties and all. But what I liked was that it was a very hands-on lesson... it's the best way to introduce students to rocks. However, mebbe due to instructions and her petite size and voice and our hyperactivity, we were really disruptive. I guess we should never trust young kids with water. Was just wondering what kids would do if we trusted them with water (even if it's just one drop). One they will definitely spill it all over the place. Two they will play with water. My pet Rock fish. Hahahaha! It's just too tempting. You have a bag and water, and a rock. What do you do? *grin* Sorry ah... I was just being naughty. It has nothing to do with Jo's instructions. And taking the rock out of the bag will definitely cause confusion. Mebbe the rocks and the bags should be labelled with mebbe sample 'A', 'B' and so on?

Worksheet... I couldn't understand the rationale of the colour. So what if I wrote down black, white and grey for the granite? It doesn't mean anything. And the drawing of the texture just din make sense. The obvious thing to do is to trace it like the bark of the tree. Mebbe some examples should have been given beforehand or mebbe more description on that instruction? But then she did ask the class if there was anything we didn't understand. Maybe it could have be pre-empted? I think CY's comment on the 'soft rock' was ingenious. I can totally picture students asking that. But I'm sure Jo would have covered it in the beginning of the lesson that we had missed.

Truancy. WH and I went out to throw the tissue. She walked on and on, in search for a big dustbin. I mentioned that she could throw it in a small bin, but she replied, "Whatever. I'm not going back." Hahaha! What happened to our usually guai WH?? =) Hmm... Is it right to send kids out to look for their classmates? Can we trust them to do that? For one, it didn't work when chouchou was sent to look for us, cos it was an opportunity for her to leave class and play. And if we dun send someone to look for them, are we sending the message that kids can just disappear from class? I think what is important is to take note of the kids' names... and have a good talk with them. Get to the bottom of why they skipped class. And see if we can work round it after instilling into them that it is wrong and irresponsible to do so. If we show that we care, and that what they are learning is relevant, it should work. This was what my CT taught me on handling truancy cases.

Confiscation. I think we should always protect ourselves when we confiscate things. Draw parellels to OBsunsetLY's confiscation of EZlink cards. It'll be trouble if we dun notice students 'stealing' their own stuff from us and then demanding that we return it to them after class. We might be accused of theft! As superlambanana suggested, it's best to put it into our bags, or place it on the board when we confiscate it. (But if we put it on the board, we have to remember it!)

Oh, I felt that Jo kinda ignored us when we tried to ask questions. Maybe we were too soft? I dunno. But I tried to ask her questions twice, but was ignored. I noticed someone asking her too... but she kinda bo-chup. Maybe the class was too luan, and we din ask properly... But I felt picked on. Initally after she gave out the rock samples, Wes did something and everyone at our table laughed. But Jo shouted my name, as if I had done something naughty again. I am innocent! Now I understand why certain naughty students always give up, or are frustrated in class because they get picked on by the teachers, even though they are being guai. Teachers should always be alert and pay attention to the naughty kids and their potential mischief, but we should also give them some credit, so as not to totally condemn them. Or we might lose them in an attempt to win them over.

I cun comment anymore cos I wasn't in class! But I did hear of the rock-and-roll music, soft rock koala, ballet classes and scissors-paper-stone! Hahaha! What fun!


  • At 7:18 pm, Blogger Hermit said…

    Haha... I think the rationale behind getting students to observe the colour is to get them to link colour to mineral composition. Like granite is primarily light-coloured cos of feldspar. the little spots of black are the small mica bits. ;)

    and the grain thing was about mineral size i guess.

    And er... in this case Jo got her samples from the school lab. I think the technicians will flip if she did anything drastic to the rocks - read as vandalism. unless it was her own. :)


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