Saturday, October 08, 2005

I like my Geog class. A lot. Especially my classmates... who are now friends.
They make NIE seem worth it when you question what all this is for.
I am going to treasure these times while we are still a class, before it's over. I wanna look back and reminisce on all the fun times we had. With my friends by my side.
This is a strange, out-of-the-blue posting.
But I am gonna post it anyway. =)


  • At 9:02 pm, Blogger S W said…

    Aw.... Why so sentimental all of a sudden?
    Actually been waiting for you to blog so I can reply to your message. :)
    Yep yep, SJ the sexy teacher. :P
    And, you will get your fish soon. They are with LY now. And they are not pet rock fish. :P


  • At 10:05 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    The dinner last night triggered something ah?

    Then we better have more dinners after geog class on Friday nights man...simple zi char top it off with yummy ice cream.

  • At 10:07 pm, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    Hahaha! Waiting for me to blog? I so lazy...
    Wish I could just publish some of my thoughts so that I dun have to type! Hee.

    I've got fishies?? Aww... not pet rock fish? I would give them to Jo for a momento! Hahaha!

  • At 10:09 pm, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    Geognut, let's make it a 'tradition'! What say you? Dun have to be so 'high-crass' lah... poor teachers-to-be here. Hee.

  • At 11:23 pm, Blogger geognut said…

    Tradition not up to me leh, depends on the other people as well. For me it is ok because by the time class ends so late, most of my other friends would have other plans too hah!

  • At 1:06 am, Blogger Chouchou ch'boogie said…

    Yep yep, SJ the sexy teacher. :P

    My friends indeed...

  • At 1:07 am, Blogger BananaSaviour said…

    Only friends will be so honest... =)

  • At 10:54 am, Blogger Hermit said…

    Hey BananaSaviour!

    Please ah... Jo already reserved one of these fishies... you will get one/two/three for yourself! Which colour do you prefer? Orange or white? Heh... or do you want the tiniest of them all? Though I don't think it might survive a whole day in NIE.

    ANd yah... same as you, I do like my Geog classmates. Should organize more excursions and dinners to get to know all of us better nah? ;)
    Wish I could have joined u after the dinner for all those "cheong-ing"!!! :D

  • At 8:42 pm, Blogger Janinah said…

    your blog reads better than a copy of 8 days without the melodramatic bits but still entertaining!haha. n yes no rock fish for u, only mollies. hope they dun turn to stone in your hands..wait a min, u dun intend to murder them in my microteaching do u? the poor mollies. :P


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